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The above AFTER photo shows the home addition we built for a client. There was no pre-existing porch or sunroom.

Now this family can host and enjoy backyard BBQs. How about you?

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Add an entire room to your house.

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Front Porch, Back Porch, Wraparound Porch

Benefits Of Home Additions

When you add space, you add value.

  • Add A Bedroom

    Need more space for a growing family, or to finally have a guest bedroom for in-laws?

  • Add A Porch

    Design your sunny dream area to swing, paint, journal, build, or eat.

  • Add Storage

    Need a custom built shed or garage to match your house? We've got you!

Additional Services

GANT HOUSE Construction & Design

  • Renovations

    We remodel and renovate: from small to big projects, we do it all!

  • Roof Replacement

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  • Roof Maintenance

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