omeowners have a common goal: to remodel. You’ve finally bought your forever home, and if you didn’t choose to build it from the ground up, chances are that you have a checklist of updates for your brand new-to-you abode. Here are five reasons people want to update and remodel their house into the home of their dreams.

Reason #1: Suit the family’s needs

Whether it’s comfort, entertaining, simple designs, or spacious rooms: homeowners value keeping the needs of the family the number one goal…and with the growing changes of the family, come the remodeling plans.


The HOME should be the treasure chest of living.

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Reason # 2: Fixing Home Safety Issues

When homeowners discover leaky pipes, cracked foundations, rundown siding, or other safety issues…you guessed it…it’s time for an update. Let’s hope it isn’t a hot water heater gone too long and now causing more remedial care to the house.


Reason # 3: Improving Efficiency

It’s those old windows and doors, letting in the harsh winter’s cold draft that gets us thinking…those bills could possibly be lowered if we take action on improving the house’s efficiency. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, in 2021, the average U.S. household spent $122 per month on electricity, with the average U.S. resident consuming 892 kilowatt-hours per month.


Reason # 4: Spruce Up The Style

Do you prefer shaker-style cabinets or louvered? What about removing the wallpaper and updating with neutral gray paint and crown molding? There are so many ways to update and brighten a home like finishing out a basement, changing light fixtures, or installing new flooring.


Reason # 5: Prepare the Home For The Sale

Whether your goal as the homeowner is to add value to your home, add curb appeal, flip a house from a rental property, GANT HOUSE Construction & Design is ready to handle your home projects. Contact us today for a consultation.